Presence, Reach & Processes are parameters of success

for your business. We deliver these through our services.

We are a tech agency

That provides bespoke information technology services. We value relationships, transparent communication and efficiency.

We tailor exclusive brand experiences for our client's businesses. We believe that the best work happens with collaboration and the willingness to dive deep. We function as an extended team for our clients. We are there for the evolving needs of their organisation - supporting their goals with our expertise, delivering meaningful work and measurable results.

Where we come from

LogicSync started with a vision to provide seamless IT & marketing services under one roof. Starting from a garage and gradually evolved to have branches in Sydney & Adelaide, one thing has always remained constant - evolution. While our team and our client base have grown across various industries, our ethos remains intact.

We always strive to deliver the best and have achieved significant milestones in this time span. Our foundation is laid on values of honesty, integrity, and competence which needs each team member to be highly competent, reliable and passionate about what we do. We deliver exceptional quality work in an organized manner. Our approach drives us and aims at building long-term, collaborative relationships with clients through our offering.

2013 - Incorporated in India
2015 - Exhibited at CeBIT Australia
2017 - Started Operations in Sydney, Australia
2019 - Defined marketing services as OnMark Agency
2021 - Launched an office in Adelaide, Australia


Content Writing

Graphic Design

Media Creation


Logical Thinking

Organisational Skills


To fortify your business through our offerings on each step towards success & growth.

Understanding your business needs

We understand that marketing and IT need each other for optimum results, and that's what we do. Our team is close-knit and collaborative, with offerings that can help all businesses build a recognisable brand. 

  • Branding: Build a recognisable brand that authentically communicates your offerings and value
  • Marketing: Achieve your marketing goals - build awareness, expand reach, get more clients through the door
  • Workflows: Set the fittest processes to deliver the best experience to your clients and your team.

Our Vision

To grow into an organisation that inspires and uplifts everyone that engages with it as a team member, client or recipient of the work created.

Process Oriented

We're keen to derive how to achieve the best outcome for the objective and aim to streamline it well.

Inspired by Technology

Our tools empower us. Using the right tools, exploring and developing new systems that make things work.


We work with a systematic but flexible mindset, ready to adapt and derive workarounds for the practical limitations faced by the business we work with.

Do it for a Purpose

We love staying curious and creative, staying in touch with the bigger picture, the purpose behind all actions.

Our Approach

We base all our tasks on a well-defined approach. A well-rounded approach that applies to and is reliable for developing outstanding quality, scalable, adaptable, and efficient projects. It is vital to scope, plan, reconcile resources, with some room for required iterations to determine the best possible path and task subsets to reach the output. Our approach provides the necessary flexibility to move across the blocks to test, recalibrate and assure quality at each step. A system that supports us to achieve each task with minimum redundancy and maximum efficiency, with the output being excellent, always.