Mirren Investment Properties: Marketing & Workflow


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Mirren Investment Properties helps Australians achieve and live their goals and dreams through strategic property investment. Mirren's complete and proven solution takes the guesswork out of growing & managing a property portfolio.

Their passion and commitment are to deliver exceptional service with wisdom and HEART. Mirren sources profitable investment properties for smart investors who use a positive cash flow to pay off their homes in 4 to 8 years' timeframe and increase their tax deductions significantly.


Mirren's primary goal is to convey their 'why' to their audience. They believe that once their target audience connects with their 'why', understanding the 'what' follows seamlessly.

To successfully convey the brand message, we need focused and cohesive messaging across all touchpoints. From their vision and value proposition to the value they provide with their service, every piece of content has to send the right message and reinforce the brand's core promise.

Perfect mix of technology and creativity

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