Aimex Australia: Branding & Marketing


Aimex Australia is a manufacturer and supplier of Aimex water filters & coolers. Aimex brings unique products that promote a healthier lifestyle while being eco-friendly and sustainable. With its network of suppliers, Aimex is on a mission to provide a stress-free online shopping experience & supply its products throughout Australia.

Their products were disrupting the market, and their rapid growth demanded a brand uplift. Having worked with them for five years, when they asked us to help shore Aimex's brand strategy and bring it to life through content - we were excited for a fresh challenge.


As an eCommerce business, having a robust website and a strong web presence was a must for Aimex. A custom Shopify website serves as their primary platform for customers to shop for Aimex products. It allows seamless inventory management and powers their marketing campaigns.

To develop brand awareness for Aimex, LogicSync utilised Google Shopping & Search campaigns, SEO, Facebook and Instagram to deliver ads featuring upbeat imagery and product photos.

Perfect mix of technology and creativity

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